Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tattoo Boo

Over the years I have seen my Sketchy Things artwork transferred to the skin of many a fan. Below are two examples of how nicely the caricatures translate to body ink. Do you or someone know of have Sketchy Things art permanently emblazoned onto their epidermis? I'd love to see it, and post it here on the blog.

Mark Chan from the San Diego area has many a Frankenstein decorating his integument, including the work of two of my heroes, Basil Gogos and Jack Davis. His lower leg features three of my caricatures, all of Boris Karloff as the monster. Mark is kind of like a walking Frankenstein art museum. Now he needs a Bernie Wrightson.

From the original Frankenstein

From The Bride Of Frankenstein

And from Son Of Frankenstein

Mark's tattoos were created by his pal Guf of Tattoo Royale in San Diego. If you need an excellent tatt artist, seek him out!

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