Friday, June 6, 2008

Marker Monster Madness!

In my ongoing quest to expand my artistic boundries, I recently invested in a set of Prismacolor markers. My friend Jeff Preston is an astounding talent who produces vivid, eye-popping visuals with these often maligned tools. Classic horror fans may remember his beautiful cover illustrations for magazines such as MONSTERSCENE and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. I was shocked when I discovered these stunning pieces were created with design markers, which are as challenging as watercolor to work with, if not more so. Below is one example of Jeff's mastery of the marker...

Impressive, isn't it?

So, without fear of humiliation, I have taken the big leap, and started experimenting with this arduous medium. Here are two first attempts, Boris Karloff from BLACK SUNDAY, and Glenn Strange from ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN.

The fall 2008 issue of LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS will feature a Jeff Preston cover and a Frank Dietz back cover. I'm honored to be working with the master.

1 comment:

Belle said...

Both those first attempts look pretty good to me.

I do love that LSOH Oliver Reed cover. I would have never thought that was done with markers.

Oh and, I saw the new LSOH (#21) covers posted up on the CHFB. They all look so incredible. I love your Lee/Frankenstein Monster.