Friday, April 11, 2008

The Benny From The Black Lagoon

This coming Sunday, the friends of the late Ben "The Reel Gillman" Chapman are gathering to celebrate his life. In honor, here is one of the first Benny "Land Creature" drawings I did, from the second book. The weird part is, it actually looks a little like Benny. Maybe it's one of those "people who start to look like their dogs" kind of things...or it could just be me. But damn it, I SEE Benny in that Jack Kevan-sculpted face! Like the previous Bela post, this was a pencil drawing, colorized on the computer.

CORRECTION! Looking back, I realized that this was actually NOT colorized on the computer, but printed out and colored by hand with Prismacolor color pencils, which is probably why it looks so good!

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