Saturday, June 6, 2009

Havoc Swims Unpainted

HAVOC SWIMS JADED, by David J. Schow. A collection of short stories. David wanted something Black Lagoon-esque. My task was to create a cover image that evoked the essence of the Gillman's world without infringing on any copyright of trademarked properties.

The atmosphere of the piece was the most important element. We needed the gloomy, murky feel of an underwater lair, with just enough light to showcase the character. I used a combination of Prussian Blue, Ultramarine Blue and Viridian Green as the main colors, with Burnt Umber and Titanium White to bring out the darks and lights.

Keeping the Creature "soft" was paramount in achieving the ghostly quality of the painting. I kept most of the edges soft, picking only a few "hard" edges to define important areas.

Below is the final painting, which Mr. Schow has hanging in his home.

And here is the actual cover of the book...

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