Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wonderfest 2009

This year's Wonderfest in Louisville, KY was the most fun ever. I was thrilled to be a part of this Rondo Award-winning convention. Here are just a few shots of the mirth and mayhem that ensued.

Larry Blamire, Beau Kaelin, Frank and Jennifer Blaire at the Sunday evening banquet. That's artist William Stout in the background on the left, and writer Terry Pace on the right.

Three great gals and Coffin Joe. The fabulous Nurse Moan-Eek, the exquisite Sara Lattis, the fiery Jovanka Vukovic from RUE MORGUE and the sinister Raymond Castile.

Larry and Frank crack up during the Q&A panel for THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN.

The zany Count Gore De Vol and Frank channel Bela Lugosi for the cameras.

Awesome artist "Belle Dee Bilbrey" stopped in to join the festivities.

More photos coming up soon. Thanks to Beau Kaelin for the great pix!

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